Fees & Insurance

Explained In Plain Terms


Do You Plan to Use Your Health Insurance?

In-Network.  If Alexandra Corning Psychological Services is a contracted provider with your insurance company, then we are in its network.  In this case, rates often are lower than those listed here.  Typically your insurance company pays the bulk of each session fee and you are responsible for the balance (i.e., the co-pay or co-insurance amount) at the time of service.

Out-of-Network.  If we are not listed as a provider with your insurance company, then we are out of its network, and the fees listed here apply.  In this case, you are responsible for the full session fee at the time of service, and our billing manager will file the necessary forms with your insurer.  You then would be reimbursed by your insurance company for any payments you have made to which your insurance company agrees.

In either case, once you provide us your insurance information, our billing manager, Ms. Trina Reiff, will contact your insurance provider to determine whether we are in- or out-of your insurance provider’s network and to verify your benefits and fees.  Should you have questions about billing, you may contact Ms. Reiff any time during regular business hours at 678.478-7925 | office@immbilling.com.

Do You Prefer, Instead, to Pay Privately?

Some clients prefer to not use health insurance to pay for psychotherapy.  If you would like to pay privately, the rates listed here apply and are due at the time of service.